Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth athletes and foster a lifelong passion for flag football. Through our engaging, fun, and accessible leagues, we aim to provide a structured opportunity for kids to discover the significance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and friendship, both on and off the field. With the support of the NFL, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone.

Community Impact

We’re committed  to creating positive sports experiences for youth athletes, regardless of their financial situation, so that they can become confident, happy, and healthy adults.

That’s why we’ve made strategic partnerships to bring flag football to the thousands of schools, communities, and families.  

  • GENYOUth and NFLFLAG created FLAGS-In-Schools, a comprehensive flag football toolkit designed for elementary, middle, and high school PE teachers to implement into their classes. Over 24,000 school communities are using NFL FLAG-In-School kits to build high-achieving futures for their students through physical education.

  • Every Kid Sports is a nonprofit organization with a goal of removing the financial barriers that typically prevent kids from signing up for youth sports. Starting in 2021, we’re excited to announce that Every Kid Sports will pay all NFL FLAG registration fees for qualifying athletes.

Flag Is on The Rise

While youth participation in sports has declined 13 percent over the last decade, flag football has become one the fastest growing youth sports in the country. In fact, the number of 6-to-12-year-olds playing has increased by 38 percent, to more than 1.5 million, since 2015. And NFL FLAG is leading the way as the largest flag football league in the U.S., with more than 1,600 leagues in 50 states.

NFL FLAG is dedicated to creating more opportunities for female athletes to participate in flag football.  We know that the game will only get stronger with the more girls who play. In addition to implementing girls-only leagues and tournaments, we’ve also teamed up with National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) and RCX Sports to make women’s flag football a sanctioned college sport for the first time in history.

Flag Football Rules